Senin, 23 Januari 2012

What Will Be the Next TV Technology

Television sets have come quite a long ways since the days of the bunny ear antennae and I think we can all admit that we are happy to be rid of those eye sores. With movies, shows and news being pushed at us from every angle and the mobile world growing rapidly, one would think that the traditional television would take a sales hit. That has not been the case so far. The technological developments of the TV have allowed it to keep up with other trends and advance in similar fashions. The first feature of televisions in recent years that gained excessive attention was the flat screen. The thin screen made televisions much more convenient since they can now be mounted directly on a wall and the depth of entertainment cabinets and stands is much smaller. 

I know a few folks from older generations who still are not convinced that these types of TV's work properly and they often ask where the rest of it is.The HD phenomenon was the next to hit the market and it has made a huge splash with all types of demographics. Sports enthusiasts love high definition because it makes them feel as if they are actually at the game, sitting in the stadium above the players instead of being on the couch away from the action. HD on a large screen TV makes it easy for the sport obsessed viewer to observe plays and assess the calls of officials instead of having to listen for the announcer to talk about it afterwards. Movie lovers also want the HD option in order for action scenes to have more impact and animated graphics to have more clarity. I also think the HD component has become a "cool" factor. If someone you know has been bragging about how awesome their HD picture is, you will most likely be at the electronics store soon after investigating the latest model.

And the very latest development is 3D television. This is something that tends to confuse the average consumer now since they aren't sure if the 3D feature has to be used at all times or if they have to wear 3D glasses or not. As this new technology develops and becomes more standard, all questions will be answered thoroughly and I'm sure it will become an abnormality for a household not to have it. But now the question is, what's next? Developers are researching ways to make the television more interactive, allowing consumers to choose advertisements and so on. Other people are convinced that the TV will become one with the computer, allowing users to access email and play videos directly on their TV's. We will just have to wait and see how big the next trend will become.

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