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Make the Most at Home with Superb TV Technology

With TVs today being more advanced and including more features l than ever, it can be quite a difficult decision to find one that is right for you and at the right price. TVs vary so much these days in price and the features integrated into each one, so it really is essential to weigh up the pros and cons of the different types to make the most out of a TV you buy. One of the most popular and main types of TV that is available out there on the market at the moment is a LCD technology or Liquid Crystal Display in its full name. 

These TV sets are currently the most commonly bought, especially for the sizes less than 40 inches. LCD TVs uses a backlight, which shines through coloured pixels to send the image out into a room; they usually tend to be very slim and light, making it much easier to mount to weaker walls than their heavier counterparts.The second most popular type of television available to buy is Plasma technology, which instead of a backlight projecting the image out, each pixel on the screen emits light, even if the pixels are turned off. Plasma sets are typically heavier and more expensive than LCDs, but there are constant arguments as to whether they are better or worst in terms of colour and contrast compared to their rivals. It really depends on what type of picture the individual prefers when it comes to choosing between the two technologies as they both are very similar. 

Plasma displays tend to have a slightly faster response time than LCD, which might appeal much more too passionate gamers out there; however LCD is quickly closing this gap. One development that is quickly in demand and being added to new TVs out there is Smart TV technology. Smart TVs act like large versions of smart phones basically letting you connect to the internet through wi-fi, giving users access to the World Wide Web and millions of free content, apps and movies. These types of TVs are slowly drifting into homes all over the country and it won’t be unusual to see them as the standard home TV set up over the next decade. You can use smart TVs to play downloaded videos or display photos through a USB, stream digital music and even play many online games without having to connect a console. They will let users check their emails, social networking and even their bank account through their TV rather than having to switch to your home computer to browse online.

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