Senin, 16 Januari 2012

3 D technology application results conspicuous in Shanghai TV festival

As the main body of the 17 th Shanghai TV festival activities, "one of the radio, film and television equipment exhibition" attracted Chinese and foreign many radio and TV technology areas of exhibitors, each are big the exhibitors of 3 D technology application results show especially noticeable. The graph is a exhibitors set up 3 D camera shooting experience area.Tennis this several days in China is very hot, of course, is because the relationship between li na, the BBC has announced in July, the start of the wimbledon tennis championships, the British viewers will be able to see the 3 D effect of competition, SONY and panasonic are in 3 D popularization, this is clearly in order to hold the Olympic Games next year the London to make the technical training, we hope that next year's Olympic Games can also see the 3 D effect. Today we will think of Japan that magic or of 3 D vision football game, and hope in the near future 3 D can spread to various sectors.XiaPuXin launched open support of 3 D technology, mobile phone SH10C sharp with a 3.4-inch touch screen, FWVGA resolution of the CCD camera, 16 million pixels in fixed-focus camera fastest can reach 0.7 seconds, also have waterproof, dustproof function.At the E3 conference held recently, Microsoft unveiled its body feeling equipment Kinect plan, Microsoft Kinect will the game plan through the host of the sitting room core making the psu on Xbox, users will be able through psu on Xbox Kinect, video site visit social networking sites, web search, watch TV programs.

 In addition, Microsoft still showing some Kinect games in the new function.The beijing-shanghai high iron recently through the preliminary acceptance, marked the remarkable beijing-shanghai high-speed railway already have opened conditions within this month, is put into operation. By then, just two of driving less than five hours, will it "land in flight."The beijing-shanghai high iron trial operation of CRH380 emu, each car all have 3 G wireless network, can provide wireless Internet access. For convenience of passengers office, entertainment, inside of the train to charge a lot of each car, socket seats are socket. After In operation of the train, reporters in high iron cell phone shows that Internet access signal. Click on links, namely after 3 G network.At that time, reporters take train operation period in shandong province. Through the emu equipment into the 3 G network to provide Internet access, can open the site, browse news. Have a picture, open the web page at a slower speed. Car CRH380BL move north group LiRuiChun introduction, move the car engineer car every carriages installed wireless exchange equipment, can a wireless Internet connection. But because the train across the DuoGe provinces and cities, 3 G network is composed of different telecom department of operation, different districts, topography network environment different, Internet speed will be affected.And the plane can't make a phone call, have no access to the Internet, can use cell phones, compared to the Internet will be beijing-shanghai high iron attract white-collar workers, business people to a factor.

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