Senin, 16 Januari 2012

3D TV will lead to a low power plasma technology revolution - Plasma TV, LCD TV

general manager of the Palace, Mr. Fu, 16 in the "China Electronics News" interview, said that 2010 Plasma TV It will be a revolution. He believes that efficiency as compared with 2007 increased by 4 times the general availability of low-power plasma TV, plasma TV will greatly enhance the relative LCD TV Comparative advantage in energy efficiency. In addition, PDP (plasma) technology is the most suitable for the development of 3D TV, 3D TV with full HD into the market, PDP will more reflect its comprehensive advantages. He predicted that with the popularization of energy-saving plasma TV, plasma TV in 2010 global sales will reach 18 million units, of which the China market, or more than 2 million units. This year sales will exceed 2 million units in China Panasonic is the world's largest PDP panel manufacturing company. Shanghai Matsushita Plasma Display Co., Ltd. is able to achieve from the screen to the finished products of the PDP display technology company, manufacturing products to Chinese and overseas markets.

 According to the authoritative research company estimates that in the next two to three years around the world Flat Panel TV The demand will continue to expand in 2011 the global demand for flat-panel TVs will be more than 200 million units, the China market in 2012 will exceed the actual demand to reach 50 million units in North America as the world's largest flat-panel TV market. Daisuke the House that more than 42-inch flat panel TV sizes of flat panel TV's most suitable for PDP TV, and a great advantage. Recently as the global PDP panel manufacturers, Matsushita, Samsung , LG three companies producing almost at full capacity, Panasonic compared to 2009 production increased 20% in 2008, 2009, the year 2010 is estimated to increase 10%. Daisuke the Palace said: "Panasonic in Japan, the 5th generation of Amagasaki factory in November 2009 to begin production. In January 2010 mass production, is producing the world's largest 152 inches PDP display products PDP products available to the world. According to last year's statistics, the scale of Matsushita's PDP production peak of over 40% of the world total, China's PDP market reached 165 million units, and we look forward to 2010, more than 2 million units. " Panasonic attaches great importance to the Chinese market. 

The palace said Daisuke, Panasonic is responding to the Chinese government implemented Bringing home appliances , Appliances TM to policies, actively involved in the development of products suitable for rural areas. In addition, Panasonic is also honored in China Panel 3 years warranty commitment. Promote the construction industry chain in China PDP Panasonic would like to see local Chinese as soon as possible a relatively complete industrial chain of plasma TVs, plasma materials such as localization. At present, the production of plasma panels are Chinese companies Changhong Panasonic to give a lot of help, including technical cooperation and personnel exchanges, to form a plasma of the Chinese industrial environment as soon as possible. Daisuke that the Palace, Shanghai Matsushita Plasma Display Co., Ltd. will actively promote the construction industry chain in China PDP screen and the product materials domestically. He told reporters: "In the China Video Industry Association, under the guidance of, PDP Committee was established industry professionals, and actively promote Changhong and other related companies to promote construction industry chain PDP, Changhong's PDP screens for mass production, we express our congratulations. "The Gong Fu also said that since last year, the State Development and Reform Commission, industry and Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Science and flat-panel TV PDP proposed construction of the industrial chain to promote and encourage the localization of electrode materials, phosphors, filter film business PDP industry chain and materials to promote research and development investment in building the industry chain of China PDP healthy development. 3D technology revolution in lifting the PDP performance

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