Senin, 16 Januari 2012

3D Technology is making its entry into the Homes by way of 3D TVs

There was a occasion when 3D films were newly introduce and when they were screen in theatres one was necessary to wear special glasses made of red-cyan lenses to get that special 3D effect. The other type of glasses used the Polarized lenses or the active close lenses. This ensure that the images were filtered and made able to be seen to each eye differentially. That was probably the first step towards introducing 3D in the viewing section. But 3D in its originality dates back to as distant as to the 19th century when it was introduced in the photography section and many trials were conducted.Then on researches were conduct and technologies improved and today we can take enjoyment in the effect of these 3Ds sitting in the soothe of our own house from beginning to end the 3D TV that are now available in the market. 

While some of them require the particular glasses, which some manufacturers provide free when you buy 3D TVs while some require that you purchase them separately and is accessible in the free market.These 3D TVs have been artificial to operate in both the 3D as well as the 2D manner. separately from this there are the play station too available. But both of them necessitate those special glasses to be used to get the 3D effect.There is yet an additional development in this division of 3D TVs and that is the technology used which doesn't make the special glasses a obligatory one. These are Autostereoscopic display that are normally called as Auto 3D. But there are convinced shortcoming in this segment that includes the effect is only at a shorter distance meaning that one has to timepiece the Television from a closer proximity. The other lacunas like blurring and troubled display cycle that causes vertical influence on the display are organism taken care of by using the high end LCDs.With numerous 3D videos being screened and many manufacturers toward the inside into manufacturing these 3D TV a probable hurdle that is being expected is the compatibility. 

Some 3D videos that may be urbanized using certain technology may not give the same effect on a particular 3D TV using a different technology. This could lead to various chaotic situations.This matter was brought up in an 3D TV debate by content developers, studios and TV manufacturing companies and has been appraised to SMPTE (Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers) which has created a task force and is looking on the an assortment of aspects and is in the process of coming up with a Minimum Standard Policy. This would indicate that any such 3D video that is developed and viewed through broadcast, cable, satellite, packaged media or the Internet would be compatible and can be played-out on television sets, computer screen and other such display.

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