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3D TV has a worrying prospect because of the dividing technology

Although 3D is the developing direction of future TV, but there are still some problems, including technology, the many uncertain factors, far from reaching the large-scale production.Undoubtedly, 3D and intelligence is absolutely the most fervent then achieve two concepts. From this year launched new each TV producers also easy to find, 3D television has become the hot competition businessman. Five small long holiday, many consumers have the choose and buy, the most popular TV plan is to the 3D TV natural listed in the purchase plan, each big TV manufacturers are seized the "home appliance, vigorously promoting his prime-time" 3D TV, make a person feel seem to "watch 3D TV is outdated."Two major technology matchups3D TV once roll out, say the TV industry is a revolution. In the current 3D TV market, is playing out with no flash shutter type in two major technology faction matchups. 

Affected by this, 3D TV price is also expected to further down, to achieve "civilian".3D TV imaging theory of human eye is mainly in the simulation of visual effect. When human nature in observation outside the light emitted by objects or reflected by people on two eyes separately in the retina form around the image, and then after the brain after "treatment" stack, people will see a three-dimensional world.So, 3D TV also put the television images through technical processing, make the images in the human eye can see realized three-dimensional effect of superposition, presentation. At present we watch 3D TV in needs to cooperate usually kill wearing a pair 3D glasses, make TV screen two widths of clear image of right eye or only let respectively, thus see simulated reality the working principle, make eyes on television in plane people "see" 3D images.In recent days, sharp, LG, konka, SONY, samsung, skyworth, TCL, changhong etc sino-foreign color TV manufacturers successively held a news conference, launched own 3D TV or intelligent TV, among them, some manufacturers to seizes the market for ground, even playing the "saliva wars." Samsung and LG is held on the same day the news conference, released the 3D TV representing their technology product, have no flash type 3D technology and active shutter type of 3D technology market fighting.

With LG, as a representative of the "no flash pie" think, no flash type 3D technology solves the 3D TV Angle restricted, glasses bulky, high production costs will fully occupied the problem of 3D TV market.LG electronics global LCD TV division President LuShiGao said, LG has production of active shutter type 3D TV, but then found the technology of TV, long-term watch will make consumers appear vertigo and discomfort status, and at the same time watching active shutter type 3D TV cannot exceed the number 7 people, because more than seven active shutter glasses will receive less than signal of watch 3D TV side is limited.But with samsung, as a representative of the "quick affiliation" is to say, "no tit-for-tat flash type" clarity, reducing the expense of 3D display effect for the premise, the shutter type technology more mature, in brightness, eye comfort, are better than the clarity, etc., while consumers don't flash type in watching visual effect is better.Samsung LCD division President ZhangYuanJi stressed that samsung 3D TV future will still located in active shutter type technology, "active shutter type 3D technology is not restricted by the vision, stadia, to provide quality bright hd stereo image features, and its competition than passive don't flash type 3D technology save 30% consumption."To this, China stereo vision 3D growth TangBin cultivating industrial league secretary general, said: "in 3D TV period, TV manufacturers began emphasizing his 3D technology more excellent, healthier, and attack each other.

 But one-sided propaganda, may let consumers form 3D TV unhealthy ideas."Some industry experts say that although 3D is a direction in the future development of TV, but the two branches of 3D fight also explain, 3D TV is still exist including technology, the many uncertain factors, is not to mass production.Excessive marketing"TV manufacturers are collective hype 3D intelligent concept, mainly because the new product sales need stunt." A color TV producers said, especially in a secondary market in domestic present situation of negative growth flat-panel televisions, all are from the sales needs.Analytic personage thinks, this is the Chinese TV enterprise with trepidation. Because enterprise only can survive, it will be possible to improve myself in various aspects of strength, it will be possible to develop. However, China is still in the market economy construction of exploration and transformation period, although technology is the soul of an enterprise, but in Europe, America, Japan, Korea, compared the enterprise with our primitive accumulation can't comparable. Therefore, in a brutal market competition, marketing became the best Chinese TV enterprise weapon.However, he also says, to create a new concept or track a new thing than technology development to simple a lot. Although enterprise in the creation of concepts, of the basis is the product of a special function, but household electrical appliance industry, the homogeneity quite obvious real "special function" very few, can possess unique of core technology enterprise more rare. In this case, a concept is like place castles in the air, on the premise of no technical support sooner or later will collapse.Because of this, the workers believe department deputy secretary ZhaoBo electronic ministry recently said: "whether 3D or intelligent function, each big TV manufacturers excessive concept marketing too obvious." 

He says, related ministries and commissions should be accelerated 3D intelligent TV each link standards work, otherwise there will mislead consumers, as well as other potential problems.For China, the present situation of achieve DuanMuQing words that achieve experts once remarked: "" 2009 LEDTV hot, is Korean drew an ultra-thin loops; 2010 3DTV hot, Japanese drew a stereo loops; 2011 SmartTV hot, is American drew a application circle." While Chinese TV with others is forever enterprises the hinge of dancing.Skyworth vice President YangDongWen also said: "I couldn't sleep all night, because we will be faced with is a new technology, new development platform." And the thing, almost completely before serves no place (except display technology).

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