Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

How technology has revolutionised TV

Over the course of several decades, British viewers have developed a particularly strong enthusiasm for television and everything that goes with it. It's not an exaggeration to say that TV has revolutionised life in the UK, from the way major current affairs events are covered to the way we consume media. But what's become apparent in recent years is that the rapid development in technology has in turn transformed how we watch TV, with interactivity becoming the major new buzzword and viewers becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to standards. Devices that only the most imaginative among us could have dreamt of just a couple of decades ago have become a major part of everyday life.The advent of digital TV, in particular, precipitated a genuine sea change in British viewing habits. 

Emerging in the late 90s, digital broadcasting opened the door for a greater degree of interaction than ever before, with new innovations following rapidly over the next few years. From choosing camera angles in football coverage to pausing live programming, it was the biggest advance in TV since the birth of the multi-channel era in the 1980s. In fact, it's proven so successful that analogue broadcasts have already been switched off permanently in many UK regions, with the switchover scheduled for completion next year.Perhaps the biggest new development since the emergence of digital is high-definition television - or HDTV, as it's more commonly referred to. While it was relatively slow to make its way across the Atlantic after initially emerging in the US towards the end of the 1990s, 77 per cent of British households can now access HDTV via Freesat. The proliferation of channels available in the modern era - scarcely imaginable to those who grew up with BBC1, BBC2 and ITV - has paved the way for a flood of foreign imports, ranging from mainstream hits like Lost to obscure but critically-acclaimed dramas such as The Killing.

If you're looking to make the upgrade with the digital switchover well underway, it's worth carrying out a bit of research to work out precisely what package is best suited to your viewing habits. It could be that you're a sports enthusiast, or you may be more of a film buff - but with a number of providers all vying for your custom, you're bound to find something that's ideal for you. The next few years promise to be a similarly exciting time in the history of television, with devices including Pace's Magic Gateway poised to offer a wealth of new possibilities in media delivery.

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