Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

The new 43 Inch LED TV Technology

It was not too long ago when deciding which TV to buy meant choosing between plasma and LCD TVs. These days, a newer technology has emerged and is gaining a strong foothold in the TV market: the 42" LED TV.LED is acronym for light emitting diodes. This is the backlighting technology in 42" LEDs responsible for their very high contrast ratios, true blacks and brighter colors-characteristics that give them an edge over standard LCD TVs. It is the technology responsible for the longer lifespan and more efficient energy use of 42" LEDs, making them better than plasma TVs.After LED, the most advanced TV technology is OLED, which stands for organic light-emitting diodes. 

OLEDs do not require a backlight to function; instead, a thin organic film is directly transferred to the surface using a simple printing mechanism. There are OLED TVs out in the market today, and they are stunningly thin and have unsurpassed picture quality. However, their prices will also cause one to do a double take. This makes OLED TVs an impractical choice for most people, even though they are first-rate in the technology department.All things considered, the top choice then becomes the 42" LEDs. These dominate in terms of picture quality, energy efficiency, lifespan and dimensions.Compared to standard LCD TVs, 42" LED TVs give better pictures overall. They have deeper blacks, higher contrast ratios and more vivid colors. They also deliver better viewing angles, and are longer-lasting.In terms of energy consumption, 42" LED TVs are the most efficient, easily beating both LCD and plasma TVs.And last but not least, what is so fascinating for many people about 42" LED TVs is how slim and light they are. Some 42" LED TVs are only an inch thin, therefore easy to handle, move around, or mount in walls.One of the best additions possible to any room in a house is a 42" LED TV. 

This can be hung on a wall because of its thin and light dimensions, or placed on a piece of furniture in the more traditional way. A 42" TV is best viewed from a distance of 5 feet to 10 feet. This is easily feasible in most rooms, including a small bedroom or a more spacious living room. However and wherever it is placed, a 42" TV is sure to provide the best viewing experience. With its perfect color contrast and saturation, it gives brilliant, accurate and vivid pictures. Also more energy-efficient, it is decidedly better than plasma and standard LCD TVs.The better picture quality of a 42" LED TV is made possible by its unique, advanced lighting technology. It uses LEDs or light emitting diodes. These are more sophisticated than the CCFLs or cold cathode fluorescent lights used in standard LCD TVs. The picture in LCD TVs suffers in the contrast department; deep and realistic blacks are absent, and color saturation is imperfect. With LED technology, these deficiencies are non-existent. The viewer always gets the perfect picture: vivid, vibrant and realistic, with stunning colors that seem to jump right out of the screen.Consumers making their first purchase of a big-screen TV sometimes find it difficult to decide. There are many types, brands and models to choose from, and considering all of these can be confusing. To simplify things, just consider a 42" LED TV. It simply has the best picture. Enough said.

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