Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Latest in TV and Internet Technology

Because of the millions of people who are now going online to watch TV and movies, television manufacturers have developed a new kind of TV – one which combines online entertainment with the TV screen.The Internet TV is a home cinema or home theater system which can give the fantastic video and sound experience searched for by many who love cable and go online to watch their favorite shows. With this new technology that combines the TV and the internet in one, this all in one product includes a Wifi and Blue Ray Disc player which can also access the internet directly into the TV itself.In the past, well as of two or three months ago kind of past, there was a need to attach the pc to the TV to be able to watch the online TV shows and movies. 

But with this, there is no need to have that pc; this can instantly access the online TV through the broadband connection. The remote control makes everything easily accessible and there is even an on screen menu. All the user or viewer has to do is to sit back click and instantly get the movies and shows they want. There is even no need for any TV guides for the schedule of the shows; all of the shows can be accessed anytime. For those who are only interest in live streaming, there are no worries either. This new technology can get you to that favorite site where you can watch the shows streaming in so there is no need to download anything. This way you can access all there is to access from online TV websites as well as catch up with the live shows like football games and soccer.There is a plus too, the Internet TV can access You Tube and Daily Motion sites. This means that you can access any show that you want, watch any show when you want to, and still enjoy the benefit of experiencing the cinema-like ambiance. 

Movie nights or Friday nights, nothing can beat this new technology which has just made everything so much easier and easily accessible.This also means no need for the subscription of satellite TVs. This works on Broadband so the internet is fast, super fast guaranteeing that there would be no lost signal and if you need to open you laptop to work while watching TV, this is possible as well. Did we mention it also works on wifi? That means any number of computers can hook up without disrupting the signal of the TV. Now that is just one piece of a more improved technology.

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